T-37 Radio-Controlled Racing Sloops

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one-design radio-controlled model sailing

T-37 class racing sloops are owner-built and sailed world-wide.

The most active fleet, and the host of the 2013 T-37 US National Championships, is the

Pacific Northwest Model Yacht Club (PNMYC), based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Contact PNMYC.org  or visit its resources at www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/pnmyc.

For information on buying a T-37 kit, contact  fun@modelsailboat.com.

Building a T-37 now? Visit our  Tips and Tricks  for some useful ideas.

Pacific Northwest T-37 Spring Series racing is going on now!

Visit PNMYC.org for the most up-to-date racing schedule and locations.


T-37 Northwest Regional Championships 2014 won by Peter Shorett.

Lucas Hurt in second. 21 boats raced at Seattle YC.


The T-37 Winter Frostbite Series in Seattle was a smashing success!

See results at PNMYC.org.


Find T-37 Sailors at these clubs:

Inland Empire Model YC (Spokane)

Bellingham YC (Bellingham, WA)

Port Madison YC (Bainbridge Is.)

Eagle Harbor YC (Bainbridge Is.)

Port Townsend YC (Port Townsend)

West Vancouver YC (WVanc, BC)

Royal Vancouver YC (Vanc, BC)

Rose City Model SC (Portland, OR) Pacific Northwest Model YC (Seattle)

Seattle YC (Seattle, WA)

Corinthian YC of Seattle (Seattle)

Corinthian YC Tacoma(Tacoma)

...and outside the Pacific Northwest: Indian Harbor YC (Greenwich, CT)

Wethersfield Cove YC (Wethrsf, CT)

T-37 Radio-Controlled Racing Sloops